Find a MDT Clinician

The McKenzie Institute International (MII) provides these listings as a courtesy for healthcare providers and patients seeking clinicians adequately trained (certified) in MDT.

The contact information is provided for the purpose of verification of certified MDT clinicians and arranging a clinic visit, for a complete evaluation of the patient, with that clinician. It is not advisable for the patient or the clinician to discuss or dispense treatment recommendations over the telephone or by email.

Beyond documenting completion of the requirements listed below, MII makes no representation as to the overall qualifications or competence of the clinicians’ listed. The Institute does not specifically recommend or endorse the services of those listed. (Please Note: This practitioner listing only includes those who are current members of MII.)

MII only verifies the clinician’s completion of the MDT training programme to the following levels:

1. Credentialed (Cred MDT)
2. Diplomate (Dip MDT)

  1. Credentialed indicates that the clinician has met predetermined requirements established by MII. This includes having completed a 112 hour, four-part series of post-graduate courses and passing a written and practical examination; recognising basic competency in MDT.
  2. Diplomate indicates that a clinician has completed the Credentialling process and also met additional competencies, including: completion of a 300-hour theoretical portion, a 360-hour clinical residency portion and passed an advanced final examination. Attainment of the Diploma in MDT is the highest level of training in the MII post-graduate education programme and recognizes excellence in the practical application of MDT.

By using this facility, you acknowledge the following: I have read and accept the above disclaimer and understand that the McKenzie Institute International will not be held accountable for the treatment outcomes of any clinician listed on this directory.