Benefits of MDT

  • Scientific basis: To be effective, any treatment system must be based upon a sound assessment, and an accurate diagnosis or sub grouping.  When these principles are applied to the McKenzie system the supporting research is very strong1,2
  • Early prognosis: It is often possible to predict patient prognosis within 1-2 consultations.
  • Self-treatment: The emphasis on self-treatment empowers the patient and helps foster a strong sense of independence3. Research shows that patients who are empowered have a better outcome than patients who receive passive care. Further research has shown that management with a patient specific exercise programme based on a classification system monitoring symptomatic and mechanical responses achieves better outcomes than non-specific exercise therapy4.
  • Prevention of recurrence: Patients who have been educated in self-management are able to initiate treatment at the first sign of recurrence. Symptoms can usually be relieved before they become severe.


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