Part B – The Cervical & Thoracic Spine – ONLINE

Part B – The Cervical & Thoracic Spine – ONLINE
Start Date
12 March 2021
End Date
14 March 2021
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ONLINE - from your computer
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MIA Office
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1800 332 735
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Want to simplify your patient assessment and management, whilst improving your outcomes? Join us on Part B and learn how to use MDT to systematically assess, classify and treat cervical and thoracic spine problems. This course is worth 5 MDT CPD points for credentialed and diplomate members.

Course Overview

This 28 hour course focuses on the application of the McKenzie Method of Mechanical Diagnosis and Therapy (MDT) in the assessment, classification and management of patients with cervical or thoracic pain, referred pain and / or functional limitations.

Participants will explore and practice the MDT system through lectures, workshops, discussions, case studies and/or patient demonstrations. 

The MDT classifications of Derangement, Dysfunction and Postural syndromes are described in detail and appropriate management plans are considered, with an emphasis on patient education and self-treatment. Subgroups not fulfilling the criteria of the MDT syndromes are reviewed and the basis for their differential diagnosis is outlined.

Indications for the use of clinician procedures are also considered and hands on techniques demonstrated and practiced..

Patient demonstrations and case studies are used to illustrate the assessment / re-assessment process and allow participants to get a realistic impression of the impact of the MDT system on different patient presentations.

The first part of the course is completed as an online self-learning module. The self-learning module must be completed prior to attending the remaining three days of live online teaching with the MIA Instructors noted below.

The course includes an illustrated electronic manual (PDF file format) and reference list.

On successful completion of the course, you will receive:

  • An electronic Certificate of Completion
  • The 'self-help' book Treat Your Own Neck.  The book is a great resource to use with many of your patients to help them understand and implement McKenzie self-management principles and exercises.
  • Six-months access to the McKenzie Institute International Education website to view the patient and clinician procedure videos to help consolidate the practical skills that were covered during the Part B course.  

Course Goals

This course will provide participants with the introductory knowledge and basic skills to begin to:

  1. Appropriately apply the McKenzie Method of MDT to patients with cervical and thoracic spine problems and functional limitations, within a biopsychosocial framework.
  2. Distinguish between the MDT syndromes (Derangement, Dysfunction, Postural) and OTHER subgroups and provide appropriate management plans for each. 
  3. Identify when the application of external forces is required, using MDT’s concept of ‘Progression of Forces’.
  4. Recognise how to assist patients to design and apply the therapeutic processes to achieve their goals, taking into account any personal or environmental barriers to recovery.

Course Duration

Total Course time: 28 hours

  • Pre-course online module - 7 hours
  • Live online teaching - 21 hours (3-days).  There will be regular breaks throughout the live online teaching to help stay fresh and focussed.


Dr Helen Clare, FACP, PhD, MAppSc, GradDipManipTher, DipPhty, DipMDT, APAM Specialist Musculoskeletal Physiotherapist

Peter Schoch, B. Physio(Hons), Dip MDT, Dip Bus, Dip Mgmt, APAM 

Mark Cheel, BAppSc (Physio), Dip MDT, APAM

Online Platform & Connection

Live online learning will be delivered via Zoom. 

Connection details will be provided via email prior to the commencement of the course, and subject to the satisfactory completion of the pre-course online module.  

Testing your audio and camera: You can join a test Zoom meeting to familiarize yourself with Zoom, in addition to testing your video or audio.  Visit  Click the Join button to launch Zoom. 

Practical Sessions

Practical sessions are an important part of the Part B course.

During practical sessions, you need to set up your environment so you can perform the procedures whilst remaining visible (on camera) to the Instructors.

Participants should also arrange a suitable plinth, treatment couch or solid table, on which the model can safely lie, in order to perform supine and prone clinician procedures.

Practical sessions will occur on the following days/times:

Day 1 - Friday 12 March

  • 9.45-10.00am
  • 1.30-2.30pm 

Day 2 - Saturday 13 March

  • 1.30-4.30pm

Day 3 - Sunday 14 March

  • 1.45-4.30pm

During the practical sessions on Day 2 and 3 you are required to arrange a ‘live model’ to be present (eg: friend / colleague / family member), so you can practice hands-on clinician procedures on camera, whilst the Instructors give you feedback.

Professional Liability Insurance

As this course will involve performance of exercise and manual therapy procedures on other persons, attendees are required to have suitable professional liability insurance.


The following equipment is strongly recommended for this Course:

  1. Laptop, tablet or smartphone with camera and microphone (or portable desktop PC camera) to be able to move the device into various positions and film you doing procedures, whilst remaining connected to ZOOM meeting.  
  2. Multiple-screens connected to your laptop or desktop PC, or multiple devices (laptop or tablet)
  3. Physiotherapy treatment table, bed or other table and sufficient space to perform the exercises / hands on clinician procedures, whilst still remaining visible to the instructors (on camera).
  4. Coloured highlighter for hard copy or ability to highlight key information electronically for work in the manual.
  5. Rolled up bath towel / sheet x2 to use as lumbar / cervical roll, as required

MDT CPD Points

This course is worth 5 MDT CPD points for credentialed and diplomate members.

Course Fee

$945.00 incl GST

  • 10% discount off both course fees is offered to non-members who register and pay for the scheduled Part B & C courses at the same time
  • 10% discount off the course fee is offered to MIA Associate and Student members 
  • 50% discount off the course fee is offered to MIA Credentialed and Diplomate members 


Prior completion of the following McKenzie Institute course:

  • Part A: The Lumbar Spine

Terms of Service

Please ensure you are aware of McKenzie Institute Australia Terms of Service before registering.

Order of Courses

  • Part A must be completed first and Part D last. 
  • Participants may choose the order in which they complete Parts B and C. 
  • Full completion of Parts A-D is a prerequisite for the International Credentialing Exam.