Part B – The Cervical & Thoracic Spine – Sydney, NSW

Part B – The Cervical & Thoracic Spine – Sydney, NSW
Start Date
23 October 2020
End Date
25 October 2020
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Royal North Shore Hospital, Physiotherapy Department, Reserve Road, St Leonards, Sydney, NSW
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MIA Office
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1800 332 735
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Want to simplify your patient assessment and management, whilst improving your outcomes? Join us on Part B and learn how to use MDT to systematically assess, classify and treat cervical and thoracic spine problems. This course is worth 5 MDT CPD points for credentialed and diplomate members.

Course Overview

This 28 hour course focuses on the application of MDT to the cervical and thoracic spine. The course explores the assessment, classification and management of patients with cervical and thoracic pain, referred pain and / or functional limitations.

The first part of the course is completed as an online learning module. The online module must be completed prior to attending the remaining three days of face to face teaching. 

The principles of MDT and how they apply within the biopsychosocial framework of managing patients with cervical and thoracic pain and functional limitations, is the key focus of this course. Participants will explore and practice the MDT assessment, classification and management process through lectures, workshops, discussions and patient demonstrations. 

The MDT classifications of Derangement, Dysfunction and Postural syndromes are described in detail and appropriate management plans are considered, with emphasis on patient education and self-treatment. 

Indications for the use of clinician procedures are  also discussed and hands on techniques demonstrated and practiced. Subgroups not fulfilling the criteria of the MDT syndromes are considered and the basis for their differential diagnosis is outlined.

Patient demonstrations  are used to illustrate the reassessment process and allow participants to get a realistic impression of the impact of the MDT system on different patient presentations, over 2-3 treatment sessions.

The course includes an illustrated manual and reference list. 

Course Goals

This course will provide participants with the introductory knowledge and basic skills to begin to:

  1. Appropriately apply the McKenzie Method of MDT to patients with cervical and thoracic spine problems and functional limitations, within the biopsychosocial framework.
  2. Distinguish between the MDT syndromes (Derangement, Dysfunction, Postural) and OTHER subgroups and provide appropriate management plans for each. 
  3. Identify when the application of external forces is required, using MDT’s concept of ‘Progression of Forces’.
  4. Recognise how to assist patients to design and apply the therapeutic processes to achieve their goals, taking into account any personal or environmental barriers to recovery.

Total Course time: 7 hours online, 21 hours live course


Dr Helen Clare FACP, PhD, MAppSc, GradDipManipTher, DipPhty, DipMDT, APAM Specialist Musculoskeletal Physiotherapist

CEO, McKenzie Institute International

MDT CPD Points

This course is worth 5 MDT CPD points for credentialed and diplomate members.

Course Fees

$945.00 incl GST

  • 10% discount off both course fees is offered to non-members who book and pay for 2 courses at the same time (A+B, A+C, B+C, B+D, C+D) 
  • 15% discount off all course fees is offered to non-members who book and pay for 4 courses at the same time (A+B+C+D)
  • 10% discount off the course fee is offered to MIA members who book and pay for any Part A-D course
  • 50% discount off the course fee is offered to Credentialled/Diplomaed members who book and pay for any Part A-D course - this allows these members to meet the requirement for remaining on the Clinician Locator.


Prior completion of the following McKenzie Institute courses:

Part A: The Lumbar Spine

Practical Sessions

During the practical sessions, participants are requested to wear suitable clothing, allowing easy access to the cervical and thoracic spine.

Professional Indemnity Insurance

As this is a practical course that may involve performance of exercise and manual therapy procedures on other participants, attendees are required to have suitable professional liability insurance.

Terms of Service

Please ensure you are aware of McKenzie Institute Australia Terms of Service before registering.

Registrants MUST NOT attend the Course if you:

  1. Have returned from overseas travel within 14 days of the start date of the course.
  2. Have been in close contact with someone who is a confirmed COVID19 case, within 2 weeks of the start of the course.
  3. Exhibit any signs of COVID19 (fever or cough or sore throat or shortness of breath), flu, common cold, gastro or any other illness.
  4. Develop any symptoms of the above during the course they must NOT attend the remainder of the course.

Finally, if this Course is cancelled at the last minute due to factors beyond the control of McKenzie Institute Australia, we are not liable for your personal travel / accommodation and other expenses.  

Order of Courses

  • Part A must be completed first and Part D last. 
  • Participants may choose the order in which they complete Parts B and C. 
  • Full completion of Parts A-D is a prerequisite for the International Credentialling Exam.